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• A sentence carry latitude, longitude, altitude and time of readings obtained from satellites. • Some sentence data structures are proprietary developed by device manufacturers which begins with letter P. Following is the generic table which mentions functional description of NMEA output messages. GPS Sentences or NMEA Sentences Common NMEA Sentences. The following information describes the most common NMEA-0183 sentences transmitted by GPS receivers. The NMEA standard provides quite a range of sentences, but many relate to non-GPS devices and some others are GPS related but rarely used This information on NMEA sentences has been sourced from all over the 'net and I make no apologies for any inaccuracies or errors. Still, it's useful stuff. I wish to thank all the sources, which are listed on my GPS Links page. Please contact me if you know of freely available interpretations of sentences which are not on this page

The 'NMEA Reader' PC software allows Actisense NGT-1 owners to view NMEA 2000 information directly from the NMEA 2000 network, which can help a user diagnosis their NMEA 2000 network problems. 'NMEA Reader' is very helpful to the user as it breaks down the unreadable binary NMEA 2000 messages into easy to read parameters NMEA 0183 is a proprietary protocol issued by the National Marine Electronics Association for use in boat navigation and control systems. Because early GPS sensors were designed for compatibility with these systems, GPS reporting protocols are often a small subset of NMEA 0183 or mutated from such as subset The NMEA Reader PC software allows Actisense NGT-1 owners to view NMEA 2000 information directly from the network, helping users to easily identify potential problems.. NMEA Reader is incredibly useful as it breaks down the unreadable binary NMEA 2000 messages into easy to read values NMEA 0183 is a combined electrical and data specification for communication between marine electronics such as echo sounder, sonars, anemometer, gyrocompass, autopilot, GPS receivers and many other types of instruments. It has been defined by, and is controlled by, the National Marine Electronics Association.It replaces the earlier NMEA 0180 and NMEA 0182 standards

NMEA 0183 is a combined electrical and data specification for communication between marine electronic devices such as echo sounder, sonars, anemometer, gyrocompass, autopilot, GPS receivers and many other types of instruments. It has been defined by, and is controlled by, the U.S.-based National Marine Electronics Association. It replaces the earlier NMEA 0180 and NMEA 0182 standards L. Luft 05/09 NMEA 0183 V4.00 Slide 18 TAG Block z Designed for Networks z Useful on any interface z Clarifies sentence relationships z Provides sentence Linkage z Does not transport equipment data z Provides sentence related informatio Note that very long tracks may be subject to clock drift, as GPSBabel does not take into account the amount of time it may take to write the NMEA sentences. Also, there is no guarantee that it will pause for exactly the specified number of seconds between samples; different operating systems will allow greater or lesser precision for timers, so actual precision may be as much as plus or minus. Past couple of weeks I've been working hard on a very interesting project commissioned by SeaBird Exploration. They provide seismic services for the international gas and oil industry and run a fleet of 8 vessels equipped with highly sophisticated equipment. SeaBird asked Sailsoft to develop software for dynamically converting AIS messages of type 1 t


  1. NMEA 2000 ® STANDARD FOR SERIAL-DATA NETWORKING OF MARINE ELECTRONIC DEVICES 060416 ISO Transport Protocol, Connection Management - EOM group function Field # Field Description ISO 11783 defines this group function PGN as part of the transport protocol method used for transmitting messages that have 9 o
  2. NMEA 0183 standard uses a text-based (ASCII) serial communications protocol. It defines the rules for transmitting sentences from one talker to multiple listeners. Yes, there are many different NMEA sentence parser implementations in C#. But I have not found any implementation with a full list of talker IDs and sentence IDs
  3. NMEA 0183-HS implements the same sentences as NMEA 0183 and utilizes the same differential interface. Because of the different transmission rate, NMEA 0183-HS devices can not be interconnected to NMEA 0183 devices, but are connected similarly to NMEA 0183 with the only difference being that a third connection C is availabl
  4. AIVDM & AIVDO NMEA sentence decoder. AIS receivers and transponders report received messages over the NMEA protocol in AIVDM sentences. They look something like this: !AIVDM,1,1A,13u?etPv2;0n:dDPwUM1U1Cb069D,0*24 AIVDM messages are AIS reports from other vessels, and AIVDO messages carry your own ship's data
  5. NMEA sentences NMEA consists of sentences, the first word of which, called a data type, defines the interpretation of the rest of the sentence. Each Data type would have its own unique interpretation and is defined in the NMEA standard. The GGA sentence (shown below) shows an example that provides essentia
  6. This information on NMEA sentences has been obtained from many sites on the internet amd is not guaranteed to be accurate or correct. NMEA retires GPS sentences and adds new ones from time to time. [back to the support page] [back to the main page
  7. g in at ten times per second would take almost the entire capacity of the system

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  1. NMEA 0183 850-160045/E 1 850 - 160045 NMEA 0183 SENTENCES This document describes the ASCII sentences used by the Kongsberg Simrad HiPAP/HPR systems. It is our intention that the sentences shall comply with the NMEA 0183 rules as specified in the note Standard for interfacing Marine Electronic Devices NMEA 0183 Version 2.30
  2. By using a tool such as AT Command Tester, the GPS data can be parses from the NMEA sentences. The tool displays the parsed GPS data from the NMEA sentences. Let us look at on how to get some of the key GPS data from the NMEA sentences, Latitude - Read the NMEA Latitude in degrees. Longitude - Read the NMEA Longitude in degrees
  3. Nmea Sentence Download. Sentence - Navigation Sentence - Gps Sentence - Sentence Game - Sentence Construction. HS GPS is a software library Gyro, Log, Echosounder, VRU, ARPA. Data received from either: -serial port (ONLINE Mode) - TCP/IP (ONLINE Mode) - file (OFFLINE Mode) Statistics for all parameters.
  4. The NMEA sentences contain all of the useful data, (position, time, etc.). Power - GPS modules are not power hogs, but they do need some juice to number crunch the data from the satellites and to obtain a lock. On average, a common GPS module, with a lock, draws around 30mA at 3.3V
  5. It's very good for real-time measurement, the use of this software is very professional
  6. Three major functions - NMEA 0183 Sentence Monitor, NMEA 0183 sentences Generator (NMEA 0183 Simulator) and generator are built in it. Also, it can monitor NMEA 0183 (or serial) data without any signal loss on communication between talker and listener. In addition, it check baud-rate automatically

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  1. NMEA 0183 Sentence Format 13 DBT - Depth Below Transducer 13 DPT - Depth 13 MTW - Mean Temperature of Water 14 VHW - Water Speed and Heading 14 VLW - Dual Ground/Water Distance 14 NMEA Version 3 Approved Sentence Formatters 15 NMEA Contact Information 1
  2. The NMEA 0183 Interface Standard is used worldwide across many industry segments. The standard defines electrical signal requirements, data transmission protocol and time, and specific sentence formats for a 4800-baud serial data bus. Each bus may have only one talker but many listeners
  3. Hi, I played a utbm_robocar rosbag with rosbag play utbm_robocar_dataset_20190418_noimage.bag ,which contains NMEA messages (nmea_msgs/Sentence),it run well

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The NMEA.ino example will emit one line of info (CSV format) for each batch of GPS sentences that you send, ending with the default RMC sentence. Be sure to modify it to use the Serial object instead of gps_port , or simply define it that way I have a Mio P550 device, which has a GPS included. I try to use SerialPort to get NMEA sentences, by simply use SerialPort.Read(). Data is returned in some weird encoding. GPS should return NMEA Send NMEA sentences to Pixhawk serial port E. Posted by csmiler on August 7, 2015 at 4:01pm Hi, I'm trying to send synthetic NMEA sentences to Pixhawk (3DR IRIS+) as a fake GPS for indoor navigation, but it seems that Pixhawk doesn't response to it. My settings are: -- FTDI cable.

Note - If a user-defined geoid model, or an inclined plane is loaded into the receiver, then the height output in the NMEA GNS string is always the orthometric height (height above a geoid). The orthometric height is output even if no user-defined geoid is loaded (there is a simplified default geoid in the receiver), or if a user-defined geoid is loaded, or if an inclined plane is used parse(String nmea) Parses the talker id from specified sentence String. static TalkerId: valueOf(String name) Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name. static TalkerId[] values() Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they're declared MarshallSoft GPS Component for VB NET toolkit to read and decode industry standard GPS NMEA 183 navigation sentences from the RS232 serial port as well as computes great circle distances and bearings. Features include: - Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows The detail of the sentence structure is explained in Table 1. Table 1: The NMEA sentence structure character HEX Description $ 24 Start of sentence. aaccc Address field. aa is the talker identifier. ccc identifies the sentence type. , 2C Field delimiter. C-c Data sentence block. * 2A Checksum delimiter

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Now that we've investigated and explained how How GPS Receivers work we can apply that understanding to some real-world applications of of the ideas. To start, we can use any GPS receiver, an Arduino Uno and some male-to-female Jumper cables.We've chosen to go with Adafruit's Ultimate GPS Breakout module ; the Version 3 module that features 10Hz updates, 66 Channels and operates on 5V logic C Library for Parsing NMEA 0183 Sentences. Libnmea is a lightweight C library that parses NMEA 0183 sentence strings into structs. It is written in a modular architecture that dynamically loads a parser module for each implemented sentence type. This way, new sentences can easily be added to the library without modifying the core code NMEA Reference Manual SiRF Technology, Inc. 148 East Brokaw Road San Jose, CA 95112 U.S.A. Phone: +1 (408) 467-0410 Fax: +1 (408) 467-0420 www.SiRF.co NMEA sentences (pronounced nee-ma), are a standard format of data output for all GPS receivers. In other words, it's the language GPS receivers use to communicate the data they produce and receive, such as time, latitude, longitude, altitude, GPS health, speed, etc. NMEA stands for National Marine Electronics Association, the agency responsible for standardizing the [

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Whatever component has subscribed to the manageEvent event in its listener will be notified of the injection of the NMEA sentence. The same is true for any other data. I used a BMP180 PCB (from ) to get the air temperature and the atmospheric pressure (NB: unlike the battery voltage, those data do have an NMEA equivalent, but not available on the NMEA station I have on board) The NMEA WPL sentence is shorthand for for waypoint location. If this box is ticked, a WPL sentence will be assumed to be an AIS-like APRS target. Types of Transponders recognized by OpenCPN Class A Class B APRS Automatic Packet Reporting System Targets ARPA Automatic Radar Plotting Aid Targets ATON Aid to Navigation, both Virtual and Real NMEA Generator is an open-source drawing tool for generating GPS logs in NMEA format. Its primary purpose is to make it easy to draw a path representing a person walking or driving around while carrying a GPS device which measures their current position at regular time intervals (e.g. once per second) www.actisense.co These sentences consist of printable ASCII text (plus carriage return and line feed). Each sentence consists of the following data sequence: A $ always starts an NMEA 0183 sentence. A two-letter talker ID—for example, GP for global positioning system receiver. A three-letter sentence ID—for example, GGA

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APPENDIX I - Sentences Not Recommended For New Designs APPENDIX II - Glossary of Terms APPENDIX III - Manufacturer's Mnemonic Codes . NMEA 0183 - Standard For Interfacing Marine Electronic Devices NMEA 0183 Version 3.01 ----- ii Preface. NMEASimulator generates NMEA sentences from seed data which you provide, applies a variance to mimic vessel movement, and then transmits these sentences via TCP/IP to connected devices. Features: - Transmit messages over Serial, TCP or Web Socket (for use with browser clients) - Can operate in both TCP server (to accept client connections) or TCP client (sends data stream to a server) modes NMEA-0183 4.1 General Sentence Format Under the NMEA-0183 standard, all characters used are printable ASCII text (plus carriage return and line feed). NMEA-0183 data is sent at 4800 baud. The data is transmitted in the form of sentences. Each sentence starts with a $,.

Handling NMEA0183 XDR sentences in Hydromagic. In NMEA0183, the XDR sentence is defined as Transducer Measurement. The string is mostly used by AirMar to report dual frequency depths, since there is no other NMEA0183 message that supports dual frequency depths $-HDT sentences contain true headings $-HDG strings contain magnetic heading, deviation and variation, from which true headings can be obtained. Two versions of the driver are available: a Serial version and a Network version (UDP) First goal is a full implemenation of the NMEA 0183 protocol 3.0 (without proprietary extensions). The library provides parsers for NMEA sentences, gpsd-like network daemons and data generators for simulation and testing. This allows advanced sensor handling from cellphones/tablets/laptops with GPS up to vehicles/ships with NMEA sensors on board Select one or more NMEA 0183 output sentences, and select Back. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to enable or disable additional output sentences. Parent Topic: NMEA 0183 Settings. Home. Device Configuration. Communications Settings. NMEA 0183 Settings. Configuring NMEA. Such rogue NMEA strings cannot be reliably decoded here. As of January 2016 you may also submit GPGGA messages. Update January 2018: Now possibly also works with sentences starting with GA..

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  1. NMEA GPS sentences consist of data in ASCII form - that is, each byte of information that is output corresponds to an ASCII character. Thus NMEA sentences are typically transmitted over an RS-232 serial link and thus are received one byte at a time. For the purposes of the assignment, we read the NMEA GPS sentences from a file, one byte at a.
  2. Identify boats and crossings around your boat with the AIS/ARPA function. Integrated in every TIMEZERO product, the AIS/ARPA feature allows for the surveillance and identification of other boats in and around your navigation zone directly within the software. Whether you are a professional or amateur, this feature lets you record unlimited AIS/ARPA traces and manage manually the anti-collision.
  3. Lefebure.com / Articles / NMEA GGA Sentences Introduction: The NMEA GGA sentence is one of the most common sentences used with GPS receivers. It contains information about position, elevation, time, number of satellites used, fix type, and correction age. Below is an example of a GGA sentence with the data part highlighted in green
  4. On the Furuno, activate the PFEC,GPatt and PFEC,GPhve sentences with highest possible output rate, and GGA and RMC at 1 Hz. All other sentences should be disabled. If RMC is not available (like on our SC-60), ZDA and VTG should be activated. All sentences needs to carry NMEA checksums. Make sure the Wassp checks for NMEA checksums on all its ports
  5. An overview of most used NMEA0183 sentences with meaning of the various fields. The document also includes a list of all NMEA0183 sentences supported in Hydromagic
  6. NMEA sentences do not identify the individuasl device that issued them; the format was originally designed for shipboard multidrop networks on which it's possible only to broadcast to all devices,. not address a specific one. NMEA sentences do, however, include a talker ID a two-character prefix that identifies the type of the transmitting unit
  7. 2 NMEA Messages 2.1 General Format of NMEA Messages NMEA messages use the ASCII character set and have a defined format. Each message begins with a $ (hex 0x24) and end with a carriage return and line feed (hex 0x0D 0x0A, represented as <CR><LF>). Each message consists of one or more fields of ASCII letters and numbers, separated by commas

rostopic echo /nmea_sentence 可见其下逐条输出了定位模块中的数据,数据部分主要在sentence中。 这个窗口可以用Ctrl+C的方式终止,前两个需要保持常开 Inspired by: NMEA 0183 Sentence Reader, Improved NMEA Line reader. Community Treasure Hunt. Find the treasures in MATLAB Central and discover how the community can help you! Start Hunting! Discover Live Editor. Create scripts with code, output, and formatted text in a single executable document You can purchase complete information about National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) format and sentences from: NMEA, Seven Riggs Avenue, Severna Park, MD 21146 USA (www.nmea.org NMEA 0183 ist ein Standard für die Kommunikation zwischen Navigationsgeräten auf Schiffen, der von der National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) definiert wurde und auch für die Kommunikation zwischen GPS-Empfänger und PCs sowie mobilen Endgeräten genutzt wird. Er besteht aus einer RS422-Schnittstelle und einer Definition von Datensätzen NMEA 2000 packages sent only allow for a payload of 8 bytes. In order to send longer sentences NMEA 2000 uses fast transmissions. Fast transmissions are multiple 8 byte payload packages of the same PGN sentence. The vyacht router merges all fast transmissions of the same sentence into one byte array and transfers that

Reads a NMEA 0183 sentence into a Matlab structure. 4.0. 2 Ratings. 8 Downloads. Updated 15 Mar 2010. View Version History × Version. The NMEA 0183 standard uses a simple ASCII, serial communications protocol that defines how data are transmitted in a sentence from one talker to multiple listeners at a time. Through the use of intermediate expanders, a talker can have a unidirectional conversation with a nearly unlimited number of listeners, and using multiplexers , multiple sensors can talk to a single computer port

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Nmea Simulator - ezmp.robofriends.it Nmea Simulato Sentence is considered valid if it (1) begins with '$' followed by 5 char ID, (2) is at most 80 characters long (without <CR><LF>), (3) contains no illegal characters and (4) has a correct checksum. Sentences without a checksum are validated by checking the general sentence characteristics. Parameters: nmea - NMEA sentence String Returns NMEA sentences. NMEA consists of sentences, the first word of which, called a data type, defines the interpretation of the rest of the sentence. Each Data type would have its own unique interpretation and is defined in the NMEA standard. The GGA sentence (shown below) shows an example that provides essential fix dat

NMEA PROTOCOL. NMEA has also established a working group to develop a new standard for data communications among shipboard electronic devices. The new standard, NMEA 2000, is a bi-directional, multi-transmitter, multi-receiver serial data network ARPA Language models. Statistical language describe probabilities of the texts, they are trained on large corpora of text data. They can be stored in various text and binary format, but the common format supported by language modeling toolkits is a text format called ARPA format. This format fits well for interoperability between packages AIS, ARPA, GPS, NMEA 0183, real-time generator. INTRODUCTION The real-time generator of AIS/ARPA/GPS data described in this paper was developed under the grant [3], which main aim is to implement the device providing voice communication and visualization of objects tracked by the Polish Border Guard (PBG) [3]

NMEA 0183 Sentence Structure. The standard specifies communication in coded sentences in ASCII (text) format. Each sentence begins with the dollar character, $, and ends with a carriage return and a line feed. Between the beginning and the end are identifier and data fields, separated by commas Selecting NMEA sentences of GPS and the sounder. GPS devices output several sentences that begin with GPGLL, GPGGA, GPVTG, or GPRMC. GP means that this is data from a GPS device. SD - sounder. GLL, GGA, RMC, DBT - NMEA sentence names. We may process and extract only the following NMEA sentences because these sentences contain all necessary dat Wiki: nmea_msgs (last edited 2013-08-25 17:54:33 by EricPerko) Except where otherwise noted, the ROS wiki is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.

NMEA sentence included in RTCM can be deleted and sent to GPS. 2. The information of Ntrip server can be copied to the clipboard. NMEA Monitor for windows Ver 3.63 1. Fixed bug in Ntrip and TCP reception processing. NMEA Monitor for windows Ver 3.62 1 NavCom NMEA GBS/MDE Message Liwen Dai, Dan Eslinger, Tenny Sharpe 1. Introduction The GBS message ('GNSS Satellite Fault Detection') in the NMEA 0183 Version 3.00 specification is poorly defined. This document offers NavCom Technology's proposal for interpreting the intended purpose of the NMEA GBS specification and its implementation i Step 1 - Understand the difference between NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183. If you have NMEA 0183 type of equipment on your boat then you will be used to the way it sends data from one device to another 'person to person' in one direction (one device talking, one device listening) NMEA Sentence ID (Sentence Name) 목록. 아래는 NMEA Sentence의 모든 ID와 그것이 어떤 것을 의미하는지를 나열 한 것이다. 또한, 첨부파일을 참고해도 좋다. nmea_0183_identifier_list(20130801).pd

Table: Position Precision of NMEA Logs compares the position precision of selected NMEA logs. The GPGLL log outputs these messages without waiting for a valid almanac. Instead, it uses a UTC time, calculated with default parameters. In this case, the UTC time status (see the TIME log) is set to WARNING since it may not be one hundred percent. NMEA 0183 Interfacing is a common stumbling block for the do-it-yourselfer. What is it? NMEA0183 is a protocol used to share data among multiple units on your boat. It will allow you to share numeric data from one unit to another. Any proper electronics installation will make use of NMEA0183 when applicable, although sadly its often forgotten

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Download C++ NMEA Sentence Parser for free. C++ parser for most important NMEA sentences, including GGA, RMC, GSA, and many others In this sentence the checksum is the character representation of the hexadecimal value 28. The string that the checksum is calculated over is . GPGLL,5300.97914,N,00259.98174,E,125926,A. To calculate the checksum you parse all characters between $ and * from the NMEA sentence into a new string

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IPaNema reads any NMEA data from one of the serial ports (Com1-15) and delivers the NMEA data to any user selectable port and IP address using the UDP protocol acting as UDP server. It can also act as an UDP client, receiving NMEA sentences wrapped in UDP packets and outputs these to a serial communications por NMEA serial sentence converter Apr 28, 2009, 10:53 pm Last Edit : Apr 29, 2009, 05:07 pm by pogcarr Reason : 1 I have a sailboat with a rather old wind instrument package on it The first step is the same, we start by constructing an NMEA sentence parser. But then, we add a GGA Listener. The function connected to this event (Print String in the given example) will be called every time that the NMEA sentence parser will parse a GGA sentence.The main benefit here is that we know that the parameter passed to the event is of type GGA sentence, so we don't have to.

A sentence is a set of words that forms a coherent and complete thought Sentences are made up of various parts, such as: nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, articles, etc. Add the CRC definition for NMEA : The NMEA checksum is an XOR of all the bytes (including delimiters such as ',' but excluding the * and $) in the message output. 190-00885-07, Revision B. NMEA data structure for Global. GPS receiver, a marine electronic device, also transmits data in NMEA format. The data is transmitted in a sequence called a sentence. Each sentence contains information, such as latitude, longitude, speed, and time, as ASCII characters. A sentence can have a maximum of 80 characters. Each sentence is independent of other sentences from the.

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NMEA messages should never be anywhere near this long, so hitting this limit means that you aren't receiving NMEA data. The Checksum: The next thing you'll notice is that all NMEA sentences start with a dollar sign ($) indicating the start of a message. Sentences also end with an asterisk (*) followed by two characters The purpose NMEA Tools is to log your RAW GPS information (NMEA sentences) to a file on your SD card. Also, it can parse a NMEA file. Android. NMEA Tools NMEA Monitor. $3.99

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NMEA Log Analyzer 1.1 (kagstrom.no). NMEA Analyser is designed for analyse of a wide range of NMEA messages, including GPS, Gyro, Log, Echosounder, VRU, ARPA. Data received from either: -serial port (ONLINE Mode) - TCP/IP (ONLINE Mode) - file (OFFLINE Mode) Statistics for all parameters. This NMEA 0183 Multiplexer with SeaTalk Converter will let you view all your marine data. Combined wirelessly anywhere on your boat to your mobile phones, tablet and laptop (with the added option to connect to a NMEA chart plotter)

Triggered NMEA sentences The latest versions of the OxTS firmware support triggered NMEA sentences. By using one of the triggers in the RT, an NMEA sentence that relates to the time of the trigger can be output. When it makes sense to interpolate the data in the sentence, the triggered sentence will have interpolated data You can purchase complete information about National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) format and sentences from: NMEA, Seven Riggs Avenue, Severna Park, MD 21146 USA (www.nmea.org) GPSMAP 12x2 Plu GPS NMEA sentence reader for Nucleo boards. I had a lot of trouble getting other GPS examples to work. So I took Edoardo De Marchi's code from 2014 and hacked it until it was working on newer hardware nmeaフォーマットまとめ. nmea 0183 (略してnmeaとも)は、音波探査機、ソナー、風速計(風向風速計)、ジャイロコンパス、自動操舵装置(オートパイロット)、gps受信機、その他数々の機器のような海上電子装置における、電気的・データを合わせた仕様である

nmea 0183 是一套定义接收机输出的标准协议,有几种不同的格式,每种都是独立的、逗点隔开文本数据。它们包含了可见的卫星、卫星状态、定位状态以及接收机速度等信息。nmea 0183 实际上已成为所有的 gps 接收机最通用的数据输出格式,同时它也被用于与 gps 接收机接口的大多数的软件包里

nmea 테스터 / 시뮬레이터. z nt-300 nmea 테스터는 nmea 모니터, nmea 시뮬레이터, nmea 문장 발생기, pulse 발생기, 오실로스코프 기능 모두를 갖고 있습니다. 그럼에도 불구하고 nmea 테스트는 신용카드 크기이며, 무게는 단지 100g 밖에 되지 않습니다 Page 79 NS 4000 Configuration - In the field Sensor, select the ARPA_OUTPUT where the NMEA sentences will be transmitted from NS 4000. Configuration of ARPA_OUTPUT connection to the NS 4000 ports is performed on the page Sensors of the panel Sensors (see above). Page 80 NS 4000 Configuration 10. Switch to Track Control page

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